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Minibox Flowers Small

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27,8 x 20,6 x 14 cm
25,2 x 19,2 x 13 cm / capacity: 6,29 liters
290 grams
FSC-certified corrugated fiberboard. Fully recyclable.
Designed and produced in the Netherlands.
Minibox Flowers Small

Looking for innovation, a cheerful surprise with a wow effect? Then the small Minibox Flowers is definitely the right choice!


Floral and Historical Gift Box

Bring vibrant still lifes to life with this Dutch Design Flowers minibox small. This print is based on an oil painting from the second half of the 17th century by the great master Jan Davidsz de Heem (1606-1684). De Heem was the most influential flower painter of his time. The Dutch Design Storage Box is made of FSC-certified cardboard and is fully produced in the Netherlands. The Storage Box is very sturdy and user-friendly because the lid is attached to the box. Use the box after receiving it for toys, magazines/books, tea lights, or anything else!


Indulgence in a small minibox

The content is versatile, floral, and also social, tasty & sustainable. With the Baza Wildflowers cultivation set, you create your own desktop garden. For at home on the counter or take it to the office and let it bloom there. The Spread-it is made from 100% ‘rescued’ cheeses from supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. A real shame, of course, Spread-it shows that tasty products can be made from #zerowaste. Very tasty with the grissini sticks. The Schulp juice, because of its name ‘Red Love’, brings back the appreciation you want to convey to your colleagues.


This Minibox is guaranteed to be positively received by employees!




  • The Dutch Design Storage Box Flowers Small
  • Baza Wildflowers Cultivation Set (sustainable)
  • Schulp Red Love Craft (Dutch production)
  • Tony’s Chocolonely Hazelnut (fairtrade)
  • John Altman Popcorn Sweet & Salty
  • BioToday Choco Chunks (organic)
  • Delizioso Grissini beetroot
  • Spread-it Chili (zerowaste)


Price changes are subject to change and box contents may vary (depending on availability). An appropriate alternative will always be offered.