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Cut-out of the Triptic print is decorated with colourful plants with some insects scattered about.

About us

Our company aims to develop and bring to market products that not only bring a smile to your face but also enhance the world around us. It is an absolute requirement for us that these products are manufactured in a sustainable manner, so that we do not contribute to further pollution of our planet. The essence of that smile lies not only in the design and appearance of our products, but often in their practical utility.

Duurzaamheid in design
Ambitie voor de toekomst

Service is ingrained in our DNA, and we strive for excellence in our dealings with our customers, suppliers, and distributors. Providing peace of mind and fulfilling our commitments always take precedence for us. Our ambition for the future is focused on an even more sustainable production chain.

Finally, our goal is not just to make a profit, but to fulfil dreams. We are committed to things we believe in and deem important. For instance, in November 2023, we initiated a Jazz club at our office, aiming to connect people and provide musicians with a platform. The foundation of this initiative is the principle of adequately rewarding the musicians.

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Maak kennis met het team

Tim Várdy, founder Dutch Design Brand

I don't have hobbies, but I do have passions! Playing the piano, enjoying delicious food, starting a jazz club, entrepreneurship, and playing squash. In one sentence, I would describe myself as someone who fully commits and doesn't give up when I believe in something. My favourite product at Dutch Design Brand is the Dutch Design Chair, and when it comes to print/design, I simply can't choose.

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Suzan Bergman, co-founder

I enjoy cooking, reading, and writing. I also delight in dining with others and indulging in good wine. In short, I would describe myself as someone who can persuade the whole world when I truly believe in something. Among all the wonderful products at Dutch Design Brand, my favourite is the Dutch Design Storage Box, and in terms of design, I think the Cockatoo & Pomegranate is fantastic!

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Lisanne, senior account manager

I love bootcamping and enjoy spending time in nature. In one sentence, I would describe myself as a positive person who enjoys getting things done. My favourite product at Dutch Design Brand is the Storage Box; you can't have enough of them in your house. As for print/design, Botanical is my favourite. And as a fun addition: I have a (small) addiction to hunting for bargains on Vinted.

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Mees, website manager

I love to build and paint miniatures. Additionally, I am an enthusiastic aficionado of history and extinct board games. My favourite product is the Art of Nature Dutch Design Chair. Funny fact: my cat is named Gorbachev because she has a birthmark on her head just like him.

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Daan, account manager

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, gaming, drawing, or painting. I also love solo travel, seeing who or what I encounter there. Additionally, I derive all my energy from interacting with friends, family, colleagues, and/or strangers, as I find it less enjoyable on my own than when I'm with others. My favourite design is the Hummingbirds in the Night, because the colour contrast really stands out!

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Frans, ICT

The answers to life's questions for me: chess, tennis, and theatre. I find it hard to stop once I'm engrossed in something. My favourite product is the Chair, such a beautiful, decorative, versatile, durable, and so forth product! I'm also a fan of Royal Dutch design.