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Waste-Free Christmas Box

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38,9 cm x 31,3 cm x 20,6 cm
36,9 x 30 x 20 cm / capacity: 22 liters
689 grams
FSC-certified corrugated fiberboard. Fully recyclable.
Designed and produced in the Netherlands.

The Waste-Free Christmas Box, a gift for your colleagues and the world


Sustainability and Circularity

The Waste-Free Christmas Box? Sounds like the perfect choice for 2023 to give Christmas a sustainable and circular touch within your organization!

The contents are a carefully curated selection of products that embrace sustainability and circularity, where the suppliers are genuinely at the forefront in terms of innovations in this field! Our box, for example, is sourced from FSC-certified cardboard and is fully recyclable!

We don’t have enough space to highlight every supplier, but what we guarantee is that with every bite or sip, there’s a contribution to reducing food waste and promoting a circular economy! And for your colleagues, it’s of course a lot of fun to learn more about these sustainable products and discover that they’re incredibly tasty.


Why settle for a traditional Christmas package this year, when you can opt for The Waste-Free Christmas Box and truly make an impact? Turn the festive season into a celebration full of flavor, sustainability, and awareness!


What’s in the Waste-Free Christmas Box?

  • Dutch Design Storage Box Classic Flowers
  • Unwaste – Orange oil soap bar (100g)
  • Yespers – Cashew & Beer husk crackers (175g)
  • GRO – Krupi Chips (60g)
  • ThijsThee – Apple Nettle (250ml)
  • Pineut – Soup starter – Make soup not waste
  • Van Eigen Deeg – Circular Cookie (170g)
  • The Waste Factory – Onion soup (570ml)
  • Spread-it Herbs (200g)
  • The Ketchup Project – Smokey (250ml)
  • Lowlander White Ale 5% (330ml)
  • Twisted Jam Pear-Vanilla (212 ml)
  • Krenkelaar – Apple sparkle cherry & berry 0.0% (250ml)
  • A Better Bite Pear (28 gr)



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Waste-Free Christmas Box