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Triptic Napkins B2B

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33 x 33 x 2,8 cm / 3-ply
110 grams per package
FSC-certified paper. Fully recyclable.
20 napkins per package
Triptic Napkins B2B

With the Triptic Towels, Enjoy the Diverse Flora & Fauna of the Land.


Triptic: Cheerful and Natural Napkins

Caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies, crickets chirp cheerfully, and tropical flowers bloom all year round on the beautiful towels Triptic. These napkins capture the essence of nature’s transformation, symbolizing renewal and beauty. Vibrant colors and detailed patterns bring a lively atmosphere to any setting. With these, you can enjoy a piece of the outdoors inside your home. The collaboration between Tord Boontje and Naturalis reflects a blend of artistic innovation and scientific inspiration, offering a unique aesthetic experience.


Sustainable Dutch Product

The Dutch Design Napkins are made of FSC certified paper and designed in-house by the Dutch Design Brand Team.

Triptic Napkins B2B