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Dutch Design WineChair Christmas Art Deco Night Sky

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38,9 cm x 31,3 cm x 20,6 cm
36,9 x 30 x 20 cm / capacity: 22 liters
689 grams
FSC-certified corrugated fiberboard. Fully recyclable.
Designed and produced in the Netherlands.

Dutch Design WineChair Christmas Art Deco Night Sky


Solution against waste

Every year, millions of gift wrappings are thrown away after the holidays. ‘Pure waste,’ thought Tim V├írdy, owner and creator of the Dutch Design Chair, and his stylish cardboard stool got a new application as packaging. This sustainable idea was quickly and enthusiastically adopted and is now an integral part of the Christmas industry.


Sustainable and stylish

A good reason for Dutch Design Brand to come up with a new product line: the Dutch Design WineChair, again based on sustainability and reuse of the packaging. The WineChair is a sturdy, stylish wine packaging, which can be folded into a chair or wine rack after use.



Unfortunately, the Dutch Design WineChair as a Christmas package is not available for direct order from us. If you are interested, click here for some of our suppliers or call us for a supplier near you.