Dutch Design X-Mas Tree

Dutch Design X-Mas Tree

Dutch Design Christmas tree – The world’s most creative Christmas tree!

Looking for a change from the same old evergreen from the woods or the garden center? Then try the Dutch Design Christmas tree! It takes just seconds to assemble the tree, and then the party can get started…

Create or decorate?

Of course you can add decorations as you would for a traditional tree. Grab some tinsel, baubles and lights and other ornaments and make something beautiful, and top off your tree with your favorite star or angel.  But it’s even more fun to get to work with crayons, marker pens, paint, colored paper, card, glue and glitter and produce your own unique creation. The tree is strong and stable, making it ideal for children to decorate.  And, of course, the push-out baubles can be decorated however you like.

Christmas wish tree

The cardboard Christmas tree is also ideal for use as a wish tree. Put it in the dining room during your Christmas dinner and get everyone to add a kind thought or wish. Or take it along as a Christmas gift and ask all the guests to write a message for the host or hostess. You won’t find a more personal gift, and what’s more it can be used again and again.


The Dutch Design Christmas Tree is made from FSC-certified cardboard and is manufactured in the Netherlands. You can use the tree year after year, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Christmas trees are packed and shipped by workers in a sheltered workshop in Amsterdam.

Dimension assembled tree: 156 x 84 x 84 cm
Dimension in design case: 86 x 64 x 6,6 cm
Weight in design case: 1723 gram